How to ACTUALLY Start a Podcast eBook

How to ACTUALLY Start a Podcast eBook


Presented in a unique, explosive comic-book style, SuperTangent's official "How to ACTUALLY Start a Podcast" eBook takes the most honest, simple wisdom about podcasting that will help make your hosting dreams come true, and converts it into 30 pages of readable, workable chapters to follow. This is a perfect walkthrough for beginners, intermediately-skilled or established podcasters. This eBook Includes: 

30 full pages of rich, actionable content including branding and artwork, email automation, software and hardware for recording and editing, podcast hosting, RSS support, mindset and more. 

Two Bonuses: A Step Checklist and Universal Budget Form. Process the steps so you can help others put their podcasts together, and learn how to invest in your brand and business without being irresponsible. 

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