027//Rebecca Deveau--TWITCH in a Time of Division

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The Twitch community. Spider-Man. Spyro the Dragon. Battlefield V. Star Wars. Bethseda and Sony at E3 2018. Edmonton Twitch gamer and representative Rebecca Deveau joins and goes all in on her thoughts on the pop culture politics of representation in cinema and gaming, what it means to nurture and facilitate a community of nerds, and why we need to be unified more than ever as pop culture becomes more progressive with who it brings into the spotlight.



Rebecca, aka MostlyBex, is the Twitch Queen/Official Magical Girl of Canada. Yes, all of Canada. When her and her husband aren’t on marvelous adventurous traveling only the dopest of nerd conferences, she’s slaying in Overwatch, conquering in Slime Rancher, and facilitating her online camp of online streamers—gamers, rivals, and friends.

Like Utena, Revolutionary Girl is her call sign, and her progressive, passionate heart certainly fuels the fire for a gaming society that doesn’t cater to the societal standard of normalcy. I hope to God she one day starts her own podcast.

Show her some love by tuning in to her Twitch channel and supporting the work she puts in.