030//Brad Alexander: Breaking Down HITCHCOCK


And old friend, podcaster, and guest character Brad Alexander joins the show to matriculate me on all things ALFRED HITCHCOCK. To stories of his past, to his state of mind in the director’s chair, to a personal top-ten essentials list of his work, take a ride with us as we travel to cinema in a simpler time: less special effects, cinematic universe sequels, and hopelessly spoilery trailers—just good, stinkin suspense and wholehearted cinema. Let’s talk!


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I’ve known Brad since the days of old. A great friend, mentor, and in many ways a second father, I’d crash at his place back in the day while his son and I, best buds, would stay up late night creating our own comics, playing Street Fighter III, and building snow forts that absolutely sucked.

Now we’re all grown, and relearning what it means to truly out-pour that love as a bunch of nerds in life. Brad’s sense of humor and love for his family inspire me to never sidestep the sculpting of my character, or the challenge of maintaining my integrity.

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