011//Mighty Morphin' Microsoft

For #podcast episode eleven, Justin dives into whether he should get an #xboxone based off of his previous experiences with company head #mircrosoft and his thoughts on the future #projectscorpio, which he feels he must also commit to purchase if he gets an Xbox!

Justin will also be discussing in spoiler-free detail his experience with the #PowerRangers movie, and how it was for a fan of the original 90's Fox Kids show to see this reboot of the classic franchise--a film that revitalizes as childlike spirit, but also reminds lifelong fans that they're adults now.

Finally, more thoughts of the future of #StarWars. Even after the surprise success of #RogueOne, can the franchise really survive off of potentially clumsy, blatantly risky spin-offs of individual characters like #HanSolo? Come in and see.