019//Toben Shelby: Digital vs. Physical--Fate of Two Mediums


We're back with 019, and special guest host Toben Shelby of the Cinema Covenant podcast has crashed the party. We give our thoughts on the current state of home media, the memories and importance of its two primary forms--digital and physical--and how it effects the future of music, video games, and most certainly films.  

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Toben Shelby is an old friend; a flagship of intelligent wit, retro-nostalgia no geek should leave without, and a superhero in plain sight, one of sarcastic sorcery. He is the co-host of Cinema Covenant Podcast and, as it says on the website about him, he is a: "nerd", reared on all the films deemed "classic" by the net-savvy collective millennial unconscious. 

A fellow resident of Anchorage, Alaska, Toben is also a talk show producer at Alpha USA, a radio broadcast media company. You can catch him walking existing in the The Last Frontier, but only in the eye of a blizzard in the woods when the deadpan wittery of 1980's Bill Murray cackles on a nearby radio.    

Be sure to get into a happily insensitive comic book discussion with him by joining his Facebook group Pod Nauseam.