018//Charis Dillon: Beyond Nashville


Finally back with episode 018, Justin invites Charis Dillon, creator and co-host of the podcast Let's Talk Nashville, to discuss the cultural and personal impacts of some of her favorite television shows including Nashville, Seinfeld, and Curb Your Enthusiasm. Along the way, the two friends discuss the impact and influence of music in their lives, and nerd out in casual conversation about what shows they love and which ones they...well, don't. Download, stream, and share!



CHARIS DILLON is the creator and co-host of the Let's Talk Nashville podcast, an accomplished entrepreneur and graphic designer alongside her husband Kyle, and is extremely knowledgeable for her pop culture knowledge regarding The Office, Gilmore Girls, and many, MANY other shows. 

She hates Clint Eastwood, too. Which effectively bumps us down from friends to just mere acquaintances, and quite frankly it's all her fault.

You can (and should) show her podcast mad love by liking her LTP page, joining the LTP listening group, and checking out her incredible graphic design work here.