002//Breaking Down Ghostbusters

In episode 002, Justin breaks down his favorite media franchise of all time--GHOSTBUSTERS--by the ears and breaks down two films from that franchise, Ghostbusters 1984 and Ghostbusters 2016, by each of the values of the topics this blogcast primarily revolves around--entrepreneurship, entertainment, and manhood. It's quite an interesting ride and very on-the-spot, unrehearsed and pretty awful. Whether you consider the first film a masterpiece, or the remake a misstep, you won't want to miss his thoughts on these films.
Show Notes:
GB 84: 
Entertainment value? Excellent marketing, movie poster, original soundtrack.
Entrepreneurship value? Marks very high, never considered GB to be a movie about entrepreneurs but the main characters actually are! Started their own business by finding a hyper-specific problem to solve, and found a way to solve it to glorious success.
Manhood value? Men needs each other; male companionship is undervalued in an individualistic society but nonetheless beneficial.
GB 16:
Entertainment value? Good marketing, great cast vs. poor script, meh soundtrack.
Entrepreneurship value? Marks very high; Leading stars play scientists who leave their college professions and open up their business. Haters try to pull them down but they rise and succeed. 
Manhood value? Womanhood, more likely: marvelous study about social gender dynamics. Why were men so mad about this movie?