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I want to show my appreciation to the faithful who've kept my website and podcast afloat. The listeners and readers like you deserve all the content and goodies I can crank out. So, if you want to get your voice heard in one of the most powerful platforms on planet earth to indulge in your passions or promote your business, sign up with me and I'll send you my free Hyper Podcast Checklist to get you started. You'll have access to my private Facebook group, Nerds & Knowledge, a home for all geeks and creatives to chat and network. You'll receive access to the Secret Character vault, where I reserve my secret episodes w/ special guests for the entrepreneur that needs that extra push. Finally, you'll receive a weekly newsletter that will keep you ahead of the game on eBook discounts, sweepstakes, and upcoming products.  This is all 100% free. Join the Tangent Family!

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