So, we've all been wondering how to do this, right? Trading in the 5AM cubicle for the 5AM breakfast in the bed? Making your bosses' dreams come true for making your own dreams come true? Trading in the time-for-money grind for a results-for-money grind, or at least your own hours? Maybe we should talk about a few things and dive the frick in. I mean, I've talked about automating great emails to your subscribers once you work from home. I've talked about how to balance work and play once you work from home. I've talked about my journey from quitting my job to working from home. I've even made an eBook about how to start a podcast step by step. But, I didn't quite tell you that podcasting, the gorgeous, artistic platform that it is, is not the only route from getting to where we want to be. So, yes, I think it's time to talk about how do you get to work from home.

I've made a myriad of mistakes along the way, and I'm still walking the journey. So what makes me qualified to help you on your journey? Well, hopefully I'll be able to help you avoid some of those mistakes. Because I made them. That's right. Let's go. Some of these will look really lame, like you've already read them a million different times in another million different blogs. You know, nothing new. But trust me, just keep reading through. You might learn with something. 


Write down your goals.

Like, how lame is that? No duh, write down you're freaking goals! But listen--this is foundational. Ground zero. But, you'd be absolutely shocked at how many of us don't do this. This isn't about being a good writer, wanting to write, having the time, or even about about working from home. This is about your self-worth. Aren't you worth the time to pour want you really want to achieve out into the real, tangible world? If you can't do this at your home, at your job, on your lunch break, you may not deserve to have what you can't write down. How much money do you want to make per month? Write down your income goals. Where do you want to go to that you've been putting off forever? Put down your goals for travelling. Where do you want to work? Write down your business plan.


2.5x Multiplier.

So, quitting your job would be a likely candidate for this list. Luckily for us, that's a no-brainer! But what I did was quit---I gave my boss a four-weeks notice, which I highly recommend, but at the end of the month I still didn't have the amount of money I planned to have to float us until those entrepreneurial miracles started to happen. Was it worth it? IS it worth it? Absolutely, yes. But instead of following in my own footsteps, I have an idea for you. It's called the 2.5 Multiplier. What would be great for you to be able to make on your entrepreneurial hustle, at minimum, is two-and-a-half times more than what you currently make in a month. Take this idea with a grain of salt; for a guy like me who wants to podcast, I may not be able to make that much in a month if I want to quit my job sooner than later, you know? And it is true that the difference between a hobby and a home business is that the former costs money, while the later generates it. Don't be fooled, or discouraged. It almost always costs money to make money, and any business owner, big or small, would agree. So if you can't obide by the 2.5x rule for justifiable reasons--and it's okay if you can't--but aren't willing to invest at all in your passion financially, then by all means, please don't quit your day job. 


Narcissists. Us entrepreneurs are narcissists, aren't we? Not only do we have issues excepting different points of view, but we have to do everything ourselves. Outsourcing costs too much money. Teamwork costs too much time. If you want something done right, you gotta do it yourself. What a bunch of dick-talk. It's totally not true at all! Trust yourself, yes. Be reliable, absolutely. But when we talk about collaboration, we're not talking about trusting a stranger with your life's work because you think your custom WordPress website is unbeatable and completely convertable. Shut up. You ought to be following like-minded bloggers on Twitter and Instagram. Engaging with them, encouraging them, and sending them messages about ideas and simply boosting their egos. Humble people need that, but they'll never say it, because they know how to live outside of your acceptance or rejection, but they also don't know how to ask for help. On top of that, you'll never find the mentor or coach you and your business needs to learn new patterns and unlearn toxic, negative behaviors. Why? Because you think you've got it all together. Or, you don't know how to ask for help. Which might also mean you don't know how to receive help. Don't expect to comfortably be able to receive money for your hard work, then. Especially if it's a large sum that your work deserves. What are you worth? You're certainly worth being part of a community of people who understand you, want to help you, and who need your help too. Join active, physical masterminds, online Facebook groups, Pinterest groups and email lists. Time for the narcissist in us to die. 



My entrepreneur wife Allie Williams co-leads the Beautiful Life Mastermind on Facebook. I did a live-stream a few months ago on my lunch break (before I quit my job) and spoke on how to support your entrepreneur spouse, assuming you had one. You don't both have to be thirsty to work from home for the relevancy of the talk to sit high; the entire talk centered around one thing really, is that was the urgency of communication. If you want to quit your job--which means likely losing a consistent source of income, insurance and other benefits, a sense of structure and routine, and possibly a sense of manhood or womanhood validity--and you're not talking to your family or significant other about this, you're crazy. You have zero reason to leave them in the dark, even if you know in your heart they're the ones who are going to let you down the hardest with their confusion and discouragement at your desire to live and work outside of the worker-bee-box we've been condition to believe our entire lives is the only way to live. Stop making excuses. Oh they'll understand. Oh, I'll wait for the right moment. Oh, they don't care. Oh, I'm too shy. Shut it. And tell them. Or don't do it at all. Do NOT do what you cannot say out loud to those closest to you.  


If you can do these four things, you can work from home. And you can do it however you want to. Are you up to the self-discipline?