MANHOOD: Screwtape Style: A Letter to the Industry

Dear Industry,

I've never been more impressed at your success. This entire world is completely and utterly susceptible to your gravity. No man, woman, or child can help but view you, watch you, and think about you. I just wanted to take some time and thank you for everything that you've done for us. I'm eternally grateful.

Sexual education comes in a variety of outlets, with a variety of teachers. But I think you and your industry have become the most prominent model in sex ed. I truly appreciate the depths of your dedication to outreaching to the youth, especially in America. Human children are learning younger and younger each generation about the joys of their own bodies the way our Enemy designed them. They're all just looking for escapism from the hardships of our lives, we're not out to hurt anybody else. I'm not interested in violence against those who are supporting us the most; quite frankly it's a waste of time. Your industry is extremely time efficient; you're practically doing the work for me. Thank you so much.

I've observed over the centuries that human men simply can't live out the things that they really want when they're confided to life-long marriages. Some don't even discover certain experiences are available to them until after they've coveted their union under our Enemy. Not that I, of all creatures, need to remind you of this, but what you've done has completely enlightened mankind, and relived men of the painful responsibilities of self-discipline to protection. Contrary to female society's stereotypical ideas of what a "real man" is, men get tired, too. All you've done is provided them a place to rest.

Some human scientists and counselors would label consistent behaviors of "acting out" as an addiction of some type. What it really is, is honest and deliberate routine. And routine is healthy, predictable, and manageable--elements of a well-meaning, exciting, and safe life. Men finally know what the real priorities in their lives are, and how to organize their lives around one core activity or behavior. Their brains are warped and rewired to adjust to this new routine. It's scientifically genius!  

One of the greatest half-truths told is that sex trafficking is in no way directly contributed to by your industry. Your efforts to keep the two separated in the blind eyes of our clients is superb. Keep their eyes closed, and stay sharp to saturate the media with new standards to physical manhood and especially womanhood. We have to keep it in the family, you need to remember. Human women finally have a rock-solid standard to live up to, and when they see exactly what they're up against, boy will they try harder. They'll lose more weight, becoming increasingly more submissive, and much more experimental with their own sexuality. As I mentioned earlier, these are the bodies our Enemy gave them. They're all made in His image, and their bodies' sexuality was invented by Him. We're hardly committing any "sins" by modeling themselves to superstars of the industry, especially when their focus in just that: intercourse.

Here's what I'd like for you to focus on next: making sure that sexual "addiction"--again, I still would consider this simply routine--ruins more families than finances. I know, I know, we did really good with finances. We tore families to shreds over checkbooks, and not a cent of that money went to prostitution, trafficking, or DVD's (blu-rays, rather; they have better cover art). Just groceries and diapers, 401 K plans and ROTH IRAs. The usual family business! I just thoroughly believe we can gain a larger audience with the number of marriages divided and children in parental chaos with your particular expertise, instead of finances. Little do these fools know that the opposite of addiction is not sobriety. Rather, it's connection. Keep good men in a new routine of carnal experiences, mixed with the grapeshot thunder of clashing morals, and a self-hatred that grows like bad weeds, and the shame will keep them coming right back on track to what we would like to see them do. No connection for them. The more alone they are, the more battles we will win. Where one or more are gathered, our Enemy appears. So, keep our human clients solitary.

Ahem, sorry. Not addiction. I meant, routine.

Oh, and while you're on the job, keep these so-called human counselors who are disrupting our gameplan way too expensive for the regular humans to not be intimidated out of going.

We can do this. Together. Stay in touch, porn industry. Wormwood should be on his way to aid you with whatever else you need from us.  

Satanspeed, and yours falsely,



I need you to listen to me very closely. I HATE pornography. I've tasted its instant gratification, believed its lies, and have laid deathly still in its addictive agency. I'm not telling you this because I'm a Christian, because I feel guilty for my past behaviors, or because I'm pretending to be that perfect dude that has it all figured out, but simply because I hate seeing people drink poison. Not an inch of me is here to preach or convince you you're lesser if you watch, enjoy, or create pornography. I am only here to tell you I love you, and to let you know that if you're struggling with pornography's grasp as a single man or woman, or if it has crept into your relationship or marriage, that I want to show you that love by lending a hand. I use Covenant Eyes, an accountability management software that will be a great asset to your fight against porn as is it to my wife and I.  Feel free to check it out here to receive A FREE MONTH OF SERVICE. It's only $11 after that, a price well worth it for the fight ahead of you. 

If you enjoyed this C.S. Lewis-inspired post, or simply want to dive into some of his greatest readings, you can purchase The Screwtape Letters by Lewis HERE.