ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Converting Affirmation into Reality

I can’t tell you how many times. I’ve told myself I couldn’t do something. For a time, I certainly thought that about SuperTangent.

Multiple opportunities surfaced for me to quit putting so much effort into social media like Instabutt and Facecrap for promotion, and to delay my launch date when I was exposed to many other bloggers and podcasters who really understood how to handle the pre-launching of a service of platform….you know, really getting it. Coming up with extravagant opt-ins and drowning themselves ravines-deep in emails for their lists. When I saw that was not me, I questioned the validity of my launch date; gosh, I had wasted so much time learning and not doing. Even EOFire podcast mastermind John Lee Dumas delayed the launch of his nightmarishly successful venture multiple times. On top of facing real imposter syndrome, I seriously considered quitting before launching altogether.

But what my wife--entrepreneur, business manager, and graphic designer Allie Williams-- reminded me was that there was nobody better qualified to handle some like SuperTangent than me, the man who created it. She told me to never mind the perfect websites that I had unrealistically hoped SuperTangent to be upon launching. Granted, flattery and adulation are, by nature, insincere; I’m enough of a big boy to understand that. However, that didn’t seize me from accepting her challenge of actually believing what she was telling me.

Now, we may not always have that immediate companion to tell us how much they believe in us (Lord knows I don’t deserve to be buttered up like that!), but there is a beautiful, tangible psychology in positivity even the depths of introversion. It’s hard to take phrases like “think positive!” or “just switch your mindset!” at more than their childish face value. But a real entrepreneur, though frugal, is never cheap. Separate the vrai from the faux, because the vrai will tell you not what you want to hear, but what you need to hear. And often, what we need is to not solely to hear positives and reaffirmations from others, but to be encouraged first to believe our own positives and affirmations ourselves!  

This aforementioned psychology of positivity is pretty astonishing. Ever notice how when there is something frightening in front of you--a spider, a lion, a blu-ray of Independence Day Resurgence--you’re so focused on that one thing that you literally cannot think of anything else? Fear or hatred, with a dash of survival, become your primary instincts and it’s extremely difficult to consider other emotions, exit plans, or scenarios because of how the mind works in the moment. The flipside of that is this--in mentally staying stuck on thoughts of a positive and humble nature, we’re actually allowing ourselves to think more about the possibilities we can achieve.

In scary situations we may think of two options--fight or flight. In angry situations, also, our brain narrows how we can feel down to just a spoonful of emotions, maybe even less. We can’t see the whole picture. But when we’re staring at a sunrise, playing with our children, enjoying the silence of the morning, letting those tears run down at church and coming home refueled, or picking up that last copy of Sonic Mania, our brains are anything but restricted. We become beautiful and, in confidence of accepting who God called us to be, unlimited. This leads back to my main point:

Take that and speak it into existence.

Positivity alone is not the ultra-elixir to the hardships of life, nor the ultimate answer to unlocking the potential to the soul. But it’s an excellent place to start. After all, as mentioned above, we’re going to be pretty one-track-minded across the board if we can’t find an honest smile in our entrepreneurial valleys. When we believe our content is bunk right off the bat, we’re only going to create more bunk, and we will certainly never be courageous to put our material out there for the world to accept and reject and build up and break down.

Let me put it to you this way: if your spouse loves you, shows that he or she loves you, and consistently shows that he or she loves you, but you believe that you’re unlovable because of past mistakes he or she made, you made, or someone else made, then you’ll walk around your whole life believing a lie, that somebody who loves you doesn’t really love you. How sad is that? Similarly, if you’re whipping out content for your clients or blogs or podcasts, and think of it as “just okay” or maybe even straight-up bad, how could you not dismiss the one person who loves your content? The one kind soul that has some uplifting suggestions or constructive criticisms? It will negatively impact, with destructive force, your business, and your mindset that what your skill-set enables you to produce has value.   

This isn’t magic. This isn’t thinking happy thoughts about Skittles, and calling into existence those Skittles to physically rain from the Heavens (I did it!). NO. In fact, a kind young lady got into an argument with me on Facebook when I posted about how other entrepreneurs felt about speaking truths in existence because, as she understood my post to mean, it went against the nature of God and sole His ability to create matter out of nothingness. Just to reiterate--and I am a follower of Jesus Christ, mind you--this isn’t what this post is promoting at all. This is about taking truths that already exist, and simply accepting them. We all have that one person, or are that one person, who has extreme difficulty accepting compliments from other people. Well, this isn’t terribly dissimilar. It takes practice, like anything, to believe in what you already have, and in what you’re already accomplishing, in order to see the value in it. And you are valuable.

How do I know that? Well, look at any Facebook group for entrepreneurs. Look at how everyone uplifts each other and pours their own hearts out about their hardships along the journey. Look at the redirects to other members when someone asks about who can help them with certain tasks in mind. It’s a whirlwind of knowing your worth, your value, and the value of those around you. We’re not even talking about friendship. We’re just talking about community, and with that, communion.


What are your thoughts on speaking affirmations into reality? I’d love to hear them!