ENTREPRENEURSHIP: Welcome, Entrepreneurs: An Introduction

My name is Justin Williams. And I'm alive. I was asleep, but now I'm awake.


You'd think I would have been doing this for a very long time, having accomplished an actual launch complete with a contemporary webpage, some high-res graphics, and a bit of soul, all on its own. The truth of the matter is that I'm an embarrassingly utter greenthumb. This is me ice-skating for the first time. This is me standing next to my social circle discussing the last episode of The Walking Dead, and lying awkwardly the entire time as if I actually watched it. This is me, a grown man, looking himself in the bathroom mirror and asking himself if he truly belongs. Podcasting? Blogging?

Piss off.

Never thought I’d be doing this. I was born and raised in Anchorage, Alaska. It’s the urban hub for Alaskans who love to pretend we're actually from Portland, and drink coffee like we're actually from Seattle (because there's no hope for us, if you couldn't tell by now). In 2008--in no part thanks to a life-long addiction to Bob Ross happy-paintings and Japanese anime--I started college part-time as a visual arts major, eventually transitioning to a Bachelor's of Sociology. A particular season of transition beginning in 2011 saw me meeting my future wife, purifying my social waters, spending the incredible summer of 2012 in London, England under an arts internship, and spanking my final semesters in college on its rough stinky cheeks in 2015, taking my bachelor's degree by force, and busting out of there like Sonic the Hedgehog.

You can’t catch what you can’t see.

Later that same year, I had a near-fatal car accident while my then-fiance was pregnant in the hospital. That’s another tale for another time, because the story of the birth of my daughter is absolutely unbelievable. But, that accident blessed me with some XP points. You see, the docs and hilariously square-jawed firefighters kept telling me I was supposed to die, but I survived. They may have Hulk-Hogan’ed open my favorite Ghostbusters tee just to Shinobi me open and jam a chest tube in my side, sure. But hey, screw a game over screen--joke’s on you, death! I leveled up in perspective.

My name is Justin Williams. And I'm alive. I was asleep, but now I'm awake. And I can’t waste another second in the chaos of regret, the toxicity of monotony, or the pursuit of more golden handcuffs that cement my wrists to security in exchange for soul-drainage. Something is different within me now; indeed, the entrepreneur is stirring. It didn't happen suddenly with me like it did with my wife Allie Williams. After the birth of our daughter Diana, she immediately quit her nine-to-five job as a reservation agent and decided to stay home to take care of Diana and blog her heart out, while I was still stuck in the hospital relearning to poop, walk and, well, live.

But seriously, I was constipated for like eight days straight.

After about a solid year of training, building, learning, and working but receiving no return on her online investments, my Allie has been in a place where working from home has been acknowledged as her calling for about four or five months now, revenue included. As the founder her own self-named company, the founder of VA Warehouse, and a co-founder of the Shield Sisters Initiative, she's obviously paid her dues. It's my turn to step up and take some risks, so I can do what I love, learn as I go, and eventually create a stream of revenue that will allow me a safe exit from my current job. I want nothing more than to stay at home with my wife and spend so much more time with our daughter. I will do anything to achieve that, including fail.

So, whatever. Here we are. SuperTangent.

A blog and podcast created by a graphic-designing, indie-rapping, Ghostbusters-obsessed, Gundam-addicted, comic book-enthused, video game-loving hyper-cinephile for three general dimensions of purpose: entertainment, entrepreneurship, and manhood. I'm quite passionate about these areas of life. Enough share my thoughts about them with strangers, and help others understand them more as I myself continue to learn. I want to partake in fellowship with you and teach you some of the incredible things I've been taught about entrepreneurship, society, pop culture, and all their cohesive, interweaving, sobering realities. I want to tell you all that you can do this too, and that it's okay to be an outcast, a nerd, a basket case...or any other irreverent Breakfast Club stereotype your creamy, sad heart desires.

And like some of those Brat Pack kids, most of us are not set up to succeed, I need you to understand that. We can be born into money, but aren't commonly taught how to manage it. In this internet age, pornography is so ubiquitous it often teaches teenagers more about sex than their own parents do. And while some public educational institutions are waking up to their credit, "common core" practices are still demonizing students for not simply regurgitating a curriculum that in no way prepares them to look for jobs, discover passions, or live debt-free post-graduation.

Homie--we are not set up to succeed.

So I’m here to encourage you to make your own way. It might just start by giving this entrepreneur section of this podcast a look. It might start with the entertainment section and subsequently asking yourself some questions, like, how did THIS fool come up with this idea? Or maybe it’ll begin with the manhood section, and you might just stumble on some thoughts or ideas that will encourage and inspire you (or your man) to better yourself (himself), as we all should, with lifestyle changes, mindset shifts, and business ideas. Maybe I can make you laugh. Maybe I can make you smile. Maybe we can get through this together. With film reviews, video game discussions, graphic novel seminars, building a self-employed community, and by simply starting a dialog….maybe we can do this. That is, succeed.

That's why I'm still alive. That's why I'm here. Freaks of all ages, this is SuperTangent.

This might be the worst day of your life. Embrace it.