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026: Penultimate infinity: Avengers 3

Obviously, now I'm depressed.

After the gigantic hit Black Panther, it's finally time to take a look at spoilery look at Avengers: Infinity War, contender for one of the best films of the year, and easily the best Avengers film to date. Where did this movie's fully CGI villain work where other fully CGI villains failed miserably? What awaits for the future of the MCU? Why does this movie depress me and all of my friends? Take a listen.

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 ...although I was exhausted with Sony’s ambition (see: greed) to move forward with a myriad of spin-off stories that would introduce Venom, Black Cat (not just Felicity), and the Sinister Six, I still defended the continuation of the episodic Amazing Spider-Man series...




...GoldenEye 007. Quake. Half-Life. Call of Duty. Halo. Destiny. Overwatch. Yeah, we owe a lot to Wolf 3D. Put two females in the lead of the story however, and you’d never know it.

MVCI Uncanny.jpg is said that Capcom will take back 75% creative control of the project, and part of Capcom’s deal with Marvel is that Capcom will create an update of Marvel Infinite only if they put the X-Men back in, hence the Uncanny subtitle...

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